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Explaining the NDIS Early Childhood Approach

To help children with developmental disabilities or delay (0 to 6 years of age), the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)has come up with the early childhood approach. This approach accepts that kids have special needs, requiring support different from what adults receive.

The NDIS has joined hands with early childhood organizations to deliver the early childhood approach. These are referred to as Early Childhood Partners and are the point of contact for parents who think their child has a developmental disability or delay.

The Early Childhood Partner will talk about the most appropriate support with you that’ll assist your child.

For children 0 to 6 years of age, an Early Childhood Partner will reach out to you to work out your child’s support needs, whether they have a developmental disability or delay. The subsequent steps will depend on the needs of your child.

If the Early Childhood Partner thinks that your child is supported well by an NDIS plan, they’ll request NDIS access for your child. After confirming access, the Early Childhood Partner will collaborate with you to create your child’s NDIS plan.

However, if the Early Childhood Partner determines that there’s a better way to support your child, they may either offer some short-term early intervention or connect you and your child with support in your community.

Early Childhood Partners will monitor your child’s progress, and if your child enters the NDIS, they’ll also help with your child’s annual plan review.

How does the early childhood approach work?

In most regions in Australia, Early Childhood Partners can use the early childhood approach to help you get the support your child needs.

What if my child is older than 7?

The local area coordination partners of the NDIS support children older than 7.

Local area coordination partners will work with an Early Childhood Partner to understand your child’s needs and connect you to community and mainstream support in your area.

They can also help you determine if the NDIS is right for your child.

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