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How Can NDIS Support People with Intellectual Disabilities

a girl with Down syndrome using a laptop

While an intellectual disability presents unique challenges, it’s possible to manage these challenges with the right support. Keep in mind that a person with such a disability can live independently, live a productive life, and be an employed, productive member of society.

What is an intellectual disability?

Intellectual disability is characterized by some limitations that occur in adaptive behavior and intellectual functioning. These characteristics span across social and practical skills. Typically, such disabilities begin to manifest themselves before a person turns 18.

Many disabilities fall into this category. These include:

  • Prader-Willi Syndrome
  • Fragile X syndrome
  • Down syndrome, etc.

How can NDIS support people with intellectual disabilities?

If you know someone with an intellectual disability, the NDIS can help.

Under this NDIS, thousands of persons with a significant and permanent intellectual disability under the age of 65 receive funding for support and services to promote a greater level of independence and enhance daily living.

Everyone who needs services is given the required information and connected to resources in their areas. These include sporting clubs, schools, libraries, support groups, doctors, and many more. Details about the support provided by every territory government and state are also available.

people with disability

People with My Disability Provider can use the NDIS scheme to access support. The available support may comprise any of the following:

  • Group activities: Participating in dynamic, fun events and forming relationships
  • Employment: Maintaining, securing, and seeking gainful employment
  • Independent living: Tidying the home, budgeting and paying bills, offering support to remain connected to community and family
  • Socializing: Exploring new places, attending sports and community events, recreational activities
  • Daily living: Medication support, meal planning, and personal care

My Disability Provider supports people with intellectual disabilities, helping them live independently and take part in a range of fun activities. As a leading NDIS provider, we help establish an array of independent living programs, tailoring them specifically to the person.

Struggling to find the right disability support? My Disability Provider’s disability support workers in Melbourne can help

At My Disability Provider, our team of experienced and qualified disability support workers is here to assist you and provide the care you need.

Give us a call now for more information on our disability support in Melbourne!

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