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How does NDIS Affect Disability Pension?

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When the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) was introduced in 2016, several Australians were worried about how the new program would affect the disability pension. Fortunately, the two models have been designed to work together.

Support services can help Australians with a disability be in charge of their own NDIS plan and see how it works with disability pensions.

As a leading NDIS provider in Melbourne, we discuss how NDIS affects disability pension:

What is a disability pension?

The disability pension was designed to offer financial help to people aged between 16 and 65 who aren’t able to work due to a permanent psychiatric, intellectual, or physical condition.

This is a means-tested welfare payment, and if you earn too much or have assets over a certain value, your payment will be reduced accordingly, or you may not qualify.

Your disability pension is designed to help you cover daily living expenses. How much you receive depends on your circumstances and your age.

In contrast, the NDIS is about the disability support you need to live independently. While it doesn’t replace the disability pension, it offers additional funding to meet the special needs of a disabled person. While doing so, it looks to close the gap between having and not having a disability and will fund what is reasonable and critical to accomplishing this.

So, what effect does NDIS have on the disability pension?

Well, the simple answer is ‘none.’

The NDIS and disability pension are different funding models. Certain individualscan even be eligible for just one.

Your NDIS plan can help fund disability support, while your disability pension can cover your daily cost of living.

These funding schemes are treated separately and are managed by two different organizations.

The two models are madeto work together. If you’re eligible for both, you can use NDIS funding with a disability pension. However, an NDIS plan doesn’t mean you’re not eligible for the disability pension.

Your disability pension payment doesn’t have any bearing on your NDIS plan.

So, in a nutshell, the support pension won’t be affected if you’re eligible for NDIS.

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