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How Does the NDIS Decide if You’re Eligible?

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Once a person submits their application, theNDIS will review it.

This review will help the NDIS decide if you’re eligible. They’ll also verify your identity.

You’ll meet the eligibility criteria for the NDIS if you adhere to:

  • The residence and age requirements
  • Either the early intervention or the disability requirements

If you’re 7 or older, the first thing we decide is whether you meet the disability requirements. In case you don’t, we’ll decide whether you meet the requirements for early intervention.

For children younger than 7, it’s the opposite. First, it’s established whether they comply with the requirementsfor early intervention. If they don’t, we decide whether they adhere to the requirements for disability.

Since there’s a big chance that children younger than six with developmental delays won’t meet the requirements for disability, they may only be eligible under the early intervention requirements.

If you fail to meet either the early intervention or the disability requirements, you will be ineligible for the NDIS. However, a local area coordinator or an early childhood partner can help you connect with other communities and government support.

How do we consider your evidence of disability?

While deciding your eligibility, we may look at things such as:

  • Who provided your evidence
  • How old is your evidence

If we obtain multiple pieces of evidence from you, we might prioritize some evidence over others. This is typically known as weight evidence.

When will we decide if you’re eligible?

After receiving your application, we have 21 days to decide one of the following:

  • You’re eligible for the NDIS
  • You’re ineligible for the NDIS
  • We need more information

However, in urgent circumstances, we can make a decision more quickly. Please let us know if your situation is urgent, for instance, if you’re about to leave a custodial setting or a hospital.

What happens if we don’t decide on time?

If we fail to meet our decision-making timeframes, we consider this as you not meeting the eligibility criteria.

In such cases, we’ll review this decision automatically that you’re ineligible. You don’t need to do anything; we’ll send a letter to explain this.

We’ll then ensure that a staff member who didn’t participate in the original application reviews your application. We’ll get in touch with you to let you know the outcome.

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