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How to Empower People Living With Disability

people on a wheelchair

People living without disabilities should take meaningful steps to support the rights of their counterparts with disabilities.

Here, one of our disability support workers in Melbourne discuss how you can empower people living with disability:

Listen to the person

To ensure the person is feeling confident within themselves, you should listen and let them use their own voice.

While doing this, you can practice active listening techniques:

  • Respond when it’s appropriate
  • Defer any possible judgments
  • Use non-verbal cues(for example, nodding) to show them you’re listening
  • Look at them directly

Since communication is a two-way street, you should always remain patient and give the person the time to express their desires, dreams, needs, and emotions.

Ask questions to learn about the person

There will be a time when you wouldn’t know how to help someone with a disability.

So, instead of making assumptions or preconceived judgments on what a disabled person might need, ask them about their wants.

Take the time to discover more about the person:

  • What would make their day happier?
  • What is something that they used to do but can’t do anymore?
  • What makes them smile?

When you take the time to ask questions, you may be surprised by what you discover. These insights can help you find a better way to work together and find some of the most fun, innovative, and creative ways to spend the day together.

person on a wheel chair

See the person first, not the disability

Keep in mind that people living with a disability are just like us:

  • They have desires, dreams, and goals
  • They’ll experience romantic relationships
  • They’ll have hobbies and personal interests
  • They feel the same emotions as we do
  • They’ll have their own individual identity

A person with a disability doesn’t want to be defined by their abilities but by who they are as a person.

So, never change your personal behavior when communicating with a person with a disability:

  • Relax and just be yourself
  • Use person-first language
  • Speak at your usual tone, volume, and pace

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