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SIL And SDA: Understanding Their Differences

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Australia released its very first national scheme catered towards helping people who have disabilities. The National Disability Insurance Scheme has two different disability accommodation options—SIL and SDA. SIL is Supported Independent Living while SDA is Specialist Disability Accommodation. As an NDIS participant, you have control over the type of support or service that you receive. It’s essential to know the differences between all the available options. Here’s all you need to know:

Supported Independent Living

SIL is aimed towards helping you live an independent life, whether you’re living alone or with others in a shared home. SIL provides you with the opportunity to make new friends, get access to personalized support, and enjoy your independence without needing to rely on anyone. If you live in Supported Independent Living, you’ll receive support with a wide variety of tasks including personal care and household chores such as dressing, showering, meal preparation, cleaning, shopping, administrating medicine, and clinical support.

Specialist Disability Accommodation

SDA is catered towards people who have more support needs because of severe functional impairment. This funding covers any housing expenses related to your disability, and doesn’t include personal support services.

The NDIS only funds a very small percentage of participants for SDA because of specific criteria for eligibility.

What’s the difference between SIL and SDA?

SIL refers to onsite support and services that cater to daily living, to help people lead more independent lives. Meanwhile, SDA is a fund for a specially designed house, or modifications to an existing house, catering to people who have higher-intensity needs.

In case you need both daily support and specialist housing, SIL and SDA will be treated as separate funds in your personalized NDIS plan. You’ll be able to enjoy the luxury of more choices since you’ll be able to get accommodations that are suited to your requirements while accessing SIL support.

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