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Transportation Assistance for NDIS participants

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While travel may seem simple to most people, getting from one place to another can present a serious challenge when you’re living with a disability.

Individuals with a disability may face an array of barriers to their mobility. For example, their ability to access public or private transportation. Fortunately, NDIS can help.

As one of the leading NDIS providers in Melbourne, we discuss different types of transport assistance for NDIS participants:

Public transport assistance

In this type of service, a support worker or a social caregiver will accompany you as you travel by public bus or train. If you’re not comfortable commuting alone, this option is perfect. This NDIS will fund the travel cost and offer support if you meet their criteria, like if you’re not able to use public transportation without assistance.

Shared transport assistance

Shared services enable NDIS members to travel with other passengers. Here, every passenger is heading to the same place, which minimizes the need for making multiple stops. The size of your group will decide the type of car that will be offered.

Service providers pair you with other people who have the same needs and travel arrangements. Besides helping you get to your destination efficiently and safely, this option is an incredible way to meet other participants and attend social events together.

Community transport assistance

This assistance is similar to a carpool service except that it’s only for NDIS members. Since it accommodates a number of passengers, bigger vehicles like buses/vans with wheelchair-access features are typically used. These vehicles pick up and drop off passengers, and make multiple stops.

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Private transport assistance

This service helps you book a customized vehicle or a taxi to pick you up at your location and drop you off at your destination. Since you’re not sharing a ride with other people, you can go anywhere you want at your convenience.

You may also choose your own vehicle for this type of service. In this arrangement, an assigned support worker will drive you around in your vehicle to help you safely get to your destination.

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