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What is NDIS Innovative Community Participation?

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Participating in community-based activities enhances well-being as you’re able to feel connected to people. This, in turn, affects various aspects of life, including satisfaction, health, employment, and education.

As a leading NDIS service provider in Melbourne, we discuss the concept of NDIS innovative community participation:

What is innovative community participation?

Innovative community participation is a program designed to support NDIS participants in building skills to participate in their community. Using a side-by-side practice, the program comprises skilful community engagement practitioners who assist participants in expanding their opportunities for employment and community participation. Community engagement practitioners adopt a community-based capacity-building approach by working with participants in their local community to increase the probability of a successful transition from the service to employment and/or informal support.

Community engagement practitioners maintain a focus on personal growth, well-being, and resilience to connect successfully with people. However, all services are tailored to best suit the participants, as well as their goals, to help them get the most out of the service. Participants can expect support working on:

  • Capacity building to seek help in the community without formalized support
  • Preparation and support to access employment and training opportunities
  • Navigating programs and systems to successfully participate in their employment pathway and community
  • Their relationship with their self-worth, confidence, independence, and disability
  • Adaptive social competency comprising awareness of expectations and social norms
  • Self-regulation and emotional awareness
  • Gaining awareness of passions, skillsets, and personal interests and linking these to employment pathways
  • Self-care and self-awareness
  • The significance of relationships, social contribution, and community engagement in maintaining well-being

woman working on a wheelchair

Some examples of how innovative community participation can help you

  • Enhance your independence and ability to live on your own and look after yourself
  • Network and find out about new opportunities that you can be involved in
  • Create a network of friends as you socialize and make new connections
  • Build on your existing skills and learn new skills to give you more independence in your life
  • Meet your basic needs through food relief programs

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